Marketing is the means by which an organisation ensures that it develops, communicates and monetises the value it has to offer.  It is an influencer and an enabler. However, companies may end up spending fortunes on marketing, rather than appointing the services of a Customer Acquisition Specialist.

Customer acquisition is a process. Every client today used to be a prospect. The process of moving a prospect to a client requires a methodology to shift cold traffic to warm traffic and ultimately hot traffic.

Every business should have a single-minded focus on developing a legion of raving fans that turn into avid buyers. This is my specialisation.

I am the only Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist in South Africa. By implementing my internationally proven acquisition methodologies, my clients experience unprecedented customer growth. I focus on growing:

• Client numbers
• Client quality
• Client transactions

As such, we embark on a self-funding initiative.

We understand that business owners and executives are about revenue and costs, so my goal is to use marketing to acquire customers at break even or better. We help you to identify who your target client is, where to find them, how to engage with them and finally how to solve their problems. Because customers buy outcomes, my laser beam focus is on coaching business owners to shift the emphasis from themselves to the outcomes their clients desire.

My name is Este Pretorius, and I look forward to embarking on a game changing journey which will deliver incremental, measurable returns.

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