10 ways to use social media to boost your business

10 ways to use social media to boost your business

Social media has in the recent past become one of the most significant platforms for promoting businesses. This is because of the high traffic on social media sites at a given time. Check out this list of the top 10 ways to build your business with social media:

1. Use humorous, famous and inspirational quotes while posting on social media platforms
Social media users are highly attracted to quotes by famous personalities. Users are highly likely to be attracted to social media posts that contain famous or hilarious quotes. When you amalgamate such quotes with promotional information for your goods and services, you will most likely get the desired traffic for such posts.Do not hesitate to use quotes that have been used before. Social media users never mind reading a famous quote more than once; so long as they find it worth reading. Therefore, in the process of reading such quotes, social media users get to read the promotional information attached to the quotes and hence goods or services are promoted in the process.

2. Use creative fill-in-the-blanks posts for promotional purposes
Naturally, people like to have their anxiety provoked and social media users are not left out. Fill-in-the-blanks posts are posts that leave readers wondering what would happen if they got involved with whatever promotional idea is passed across in a social media post. If I had one million dollars I would……… This is a good example of fill-in-the-blanks.

3. Conduct regular polls on social media for creating engagement
While most social media platforms like Facebook offer built-in polls, one ought to note that running polls manually can go a long way in not only increasing traffic but also creating engagement from a given post. Try to impose questions that seek to know the level to which a product or service is acceptable to its consumers.Polls that demand yes or no answers can make your existing or expected consumers air their views regarding the products or services you are selling on social media platforms. As a result, they not only provide their views regarding the questions posted but also build engagement for other social media uses in which they form a discussion. Once an active discussion is achieved, the posts will attract more and more traffic thereby making the products or services known to a wide range of people.

4. Upload behind-the-scenes-photos on social media
Always telling potential consumers about the goods and service you offer and their probable competitive advantage over other similar goods in the market is monotonous. Every internet marketer does that and internet users are used to it. It is always the order of the day. Include behind-the-scenes photos that show how the goods or services are being produced or consumed by consumers.
Sometimes showing photos of your employees, your warehouse or workspace makes potential consumers more likely to be interested in your posts. It is therefore imperative for you to include unlikely photos in your posts on social media in a bid to woe more traffic.

5. Always update real-time statistics and data of your company
Customers are always interested in your real-time progress. They are always eager to know whether your business is progressive, stagnant or dwindling and falling. Show it to them by regularly posting statistics and data regarding the progress of your business.On most occasions, internet users, especially social media users, find it interesting to know that their contributions to your products or services have a positive impact on your sales. Additionally, never hesitate to tell your audience whenever your company statistics go to the negative.

6. Recycle your posts that did really well by attracting more traffic
There is absolutely wrong with recycling your old posts that went a long way in building great traffic and thereby making more sales for you. However, you should not recycle posts that still have active discussions and engagements. Only recycle expired posts that did great when they were still active.Re-introduce old posts by including relevant links on them. As such, one can promote a different aspect of product or service using an old post that seemed to attract more engagement as compared to other posts. You will be amazed at the enthusiasm in which social media users receive a recycled post. Once interesting; always interesting. This will never change.

7. Guest-post on other famous posts or blogs
You will be surprised at the outcome of using other people’s traffic to your own advantage. Internet marketing begins from scratch and before you create your own massive following, it is never wrong to borrow from other established internet marketers. Guest-posting simply means posting your ads on other posts that you contribute to in another site. Be engaging and active on other sites that might be promoting different goods or services from yours.Growth in internet marketing, especially on social media, has never been achieved by single efforts. It requires combined efforts to achieve the desired results and making use of traffic created by others is one way to make this happen. It is human nature to return favors. If you contribute positively to promote other people’s promotional activities on their sites, it is almost definite that they will welcome your own promotional activities on their sites. Therefore, never hesitate to use a person’s traffic for your own advantage.

8. Accompany your posts with branded images
People readily identify funny or branded images. These are common images that haven’t been used on other sites before and have had a wide range of following. There is no sin in using the same images for your own advantage. On most occasions, social media users will always take a second to glance at an image they have seen before on a different platform. Additionally, they are always more interested in the event that such images are used in a different context or if the images have been altered slightly. Make use of this common practice to lure more and more traffic to your posts, blogs or sites.

Most branded images are funny and hilarious. Social media users like funny and hilarious stuff. Give it to them. The trick to winning the hearts of social media users is to give them exactly what they intend to get when they log into their social media accounts. A greater percentage of social media users visit these sites for the purpose of interacting and relaxing their minds. Funny plays a pivotal role in meeting these desires so do not shy from providing exactly what they need.

9. Make use of info-graphics while making posts or blogs on social media
Promotional information put across in words alone is dull and less likely to draw the much-anticipated traffic. Most social media users are more attracted to pictorial information as compared to written information. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you spice up your promotional information with pictures and branded images. Of course, this will show your audience how serious you are about making them have an interest in whatever information you are attempting to put across.

10. Link your posts to other controversial blog posts
People like controversy. There is nothing as interesting as eliciting engagement on your blog posts as including a little controversy in them. It is always human nature to get involved with controversial things. As a matter of fact, controversies draw so much attention that is incomparable to even religious posts. Take advantage of this human nature and draw traffic to your blogs posts.

At the end of the day, a controversy will have attracted traffic to your posts. No one will care what kind of controversy brought potential clients to your site, all they will care about is whether your efforts of drawing traffic bore fruits or not. Controversial blog posts will definitely bring enormous traffic to blog or social media posts and that is the only desired end result.

In a nutshell, the internet offers tools that, if well utilized, could enable individuals to realize their full potential in terms of success and performance. Today, collaborations are conducted remotely by marketers, software developers, journalists and many others just to name a few. Through social media, marketing methods never heard of before have been matured and developed. From the simple approach of creating low-cost polls by marketers to the engagement of video contests with potential customers and into the depth of the more complex, yet feasible, interviews with industry leaders online, social media has been a buzz of activity when it comes to methods of marketing through the platform(s). Suffice to say, the internet and more so social media have provided limitless avenues that can be effectively used by individuals and whole marketing departments to market themselves and their products.