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“Este Pretorius is absolutely one of the best at customer acquisition in South Africa. She is an authority. If you want more customers, you need to talk to her; otherwise your competitors will.”

JT Foxx – World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach

Most companies want more Customers & we know just how to find them

We put a campaign journey in place to attract and increase quality customers, as well as increasing the number of sales they make with you.

Our internationally proven acquisition methodology is fail proof.

Try us, you won’t be sorry!

So many organisations claim to be client-centric, very few actually get it right.  In a world full of mythical marketing unicorns, Este is the real deal. Her no-nonsense approach to marketing strategy cuts through all the smoke and mirrors to deliver clear objectives, simple yet effective processes, and tangible results that make sense for any business. Read more...

Shelley Hutton - Upward Spiral

'Have budget will spend’ attitude is common in the Media business. Este’s approach, on the other hand, has always been about reaching the target as precisely and as cost-effectively as possible – genuinely connecting with them, through their preferred channels and on their terms.  Strategically well-played, multi-faceted and always on point, even the most modest campaigns implemented by Este seem to deliver above and beyond expectation.  Read more... 

Michelle Losco - ITWeb

Creativity does not necessarily translate into profitability, particularly when it comes to Marketing, where big ideas often come with a big price tag. Yet in Este’s capable hands, we watched our marketing budget transform from an expense account into a genuine investment in our business. Read more...

Ian Roy - Executive Dimension Data Security Solutions

View some of our testimonial videos below…

Contact Este on: 072 615 0404

“Her approach to getting customers is innovative and forward thinking.”
“If you want to grow your business, you need to call her.”

Growing our customer’s businesses is what we do.

Mind the Gap Marketing Sense was started by Este Pretorius, who is currently the only Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist in South Africa and has over 17 years’ experience in marketing.

Find out more about how MTG Marketing Sense can get you more customers.

“Your customers are either going to you or your competition.
If you want them to go to you, contact Este.

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