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Creativity does not necessarily translate into profitability, particularly when it comes to Marketing, where big ideas often come with a big price tag. Yet in Este’s capable hands, we watched our marketing budget transform from an expense account into a genuine investment in our business. Read more... Este was instrumental in raising the profile of our business; both within the organization and most importantly into the market; to invaluable business enablement partner. During her tenure, Security Solutions performed consistently and was able to outgrow; at a percentage growth level; many of the other lines of business.  From Strategic Client Breakaways to the conceptualization and launch of lead generation activities (all with more than 100% ROI) Este was tireless in her efforts to ensure our business delivered the level of expertise that we needed to attract new business but also the type of engagement that ensures our existing client base continued to grow. With a mindset of customer centricity, Este ensured we developed and delivered consistent value to our clients in ways that were highly relevant and easy to consume, yet always kept profitability top of mind. This included the development and launch of Dimension Data’s Managed Secure Infrastructure Services. Este was able to combine a sound understanding of the technology and business strategy to create real value in the Marketing function.

Ian Roy - Executive Dimension Data Security Solutions


Ian Roy - Executive Dimension Data Security Solutions

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